Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Scene from Life with Owen

At Owen’s Early Childhood Family Education class (toddlers aged 12-18 months) in Wayzata there is a garden theme one day. At the sensory exploration table there are pans full of dirt and earthworms, mealworms in dry oatmeal and a plastic aquarium full of what I thought were tadpoles.

As I got to the table I read the sign, which was laminated: “Flatworms. Will latch on but not strong enough to draw blood.”

Apparently people who fish grow up playing with flatworms. I grew up thinking they were very disgusting and salted them off the hull of my rowboat whenever I took a turn around the pond in our back yard.

However, with such a young class where all the kids are still putting everything in their mouths I found this a ridiculous activity for our class. None of them moms had their kids play with the leeches.