Wednesday, September 22, 2004


We posses clean cities, pretty cities, even quaint cities. But we do not have a city that is greater than its myth, a city that dangles in the imagination of the world. – Lorraine Monk, Canada with Love

The skyline of Tokyo looks just like Minneapolis but it stretches on as far as forever.

Fifty-two Americans, Canadians and Brits more or less
A deck of cards with the jokers removed
College students
Our first night in Japan
to the bus stop
took a bus
then a train
then a subway
to some station
I cannot recall

Eventually we ended up
Great blob of pale foreignness
Pouring out of the subway station
Milling like sheep with no border collie`
At someone’s suggested stop

We walked together in search of food
Tiny fish in a big pond
Schooling for safety

No one

Everything was closed in this business district of Tokyo after 6 pm
Ants who’ve lost their trail
Lemmings at the edge of a cliff

It felt like we’d been walking for hours.

Who are we following?

I only knew I’d spoken this allowed
When 51 people more or less
Turned to me and said