Sunday, March 20, 2005

Shooting the Thorn Tree

So I've been writing up a storm on my thesis project. Learning more and more about the main character as she becomes less and less me.

Turns out she is totally into photography. Handy, because I have an interest in it and I have an ancient camera that I learned on that takes fantastic pictures so I can write about it with some confidence. But for me it's a hobby and for her it is more of a passion. What music is for me, photography is for her.

This knowledge is helping me frame the whole story. The title - Shooting the Thorn Tree - and the titles for the sections will come from photographic terms. And I think I'm going to ditch my previous intro with a less dense one:

You see the problem? Usually she takes fantastic pictures.

Haven’t seen one of those in years. Miranda? They went out of business before you were born.

Here’s some close-ups I shot earlier in the trip. But look. This last roll only exposed half of each frame.

All metal body… probably outweighs you too.

The shutter feels sluggish. I cleaned her out as best I could, but I didn’t want to risk scratching the lens.

These were fine cameras. You shoot black and white?


Wow. Where did you take these? Those trees are amazing.

Acacia Thorn. I stayed with a relative in Kenya this summer.