Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Goal Setting

My friend Leo and I (a fellow teacher from Open School) both have aspirations to be physically fit, published authors.

Since moving to my new house in October I have done yoga three times. And no walking. But I have managed to do an impressive amount of writing.

Leo works out at least four times a week and is getting set for yet another Birkie (51-kilometer ski race in Wisconsin). But he hasn't written anything new since... well for a long time.

In the past we have very successfully collaborated on both things: when I was pregnant with Owen I was on a triathalon team with Leo. He did the bike leg and I did the swim. Our runner was injured at the last minute so we grabbed a student from school to run for us.

We also met once a week one summer and did creative writing stuff. We each got a new and fairly polished short stories out of the deal.

So we're trying to renegotiate some sort of collaboration to our mutual benefit.

Knowing that people are more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down, here are the goals we set for ourselves (to be accomplished by our first meeting on February 10).

Kiara's goals:
Place in the top 10 in the women's finishers of an Ironman-length triathalon.
Have a second kid.

Leo's goals
Get married and have first kid.
Publish a novel.

We figured these were good goals because they were attainable (I'm not finishing first, his novel isn't a best-seller) and they are objective and measurable.