Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Anne Carson

So Anne Carson is this incredibly brilliant classicist who knows way more about stuff than I do. But that's okay. She draws me in.

After reading her book Glass, Irony and God I went out and bought a used copy of Wuthering Heights and a really neat book on the lives of the Brontë sisters.

And I decided to read the book of Isaiah in my New Oxford Bible.

None of this was really necessary to appreciating the work in Glass, Irony and God, but the essays and verse just sparked an interest in digging further into some of the threads she teased out.

The following posts were inspired by Anne Carson's interview. Originally I had them all posted together and it was a giant scary mess. I also read it as a whole to my Canadian lit class and that is where I decided that it must be split or destroyed. So there.