Thursday, October 07, 2004

Poety Stuff - The Angel of Doubt

I know the Angel of Doubt
I'm pretty

She's ten
Or eleven
Just moved
To a new school

(Hideously long lunchtables of emptiness on either side)

She thinks
She fell

Not sure there is a God
(They never met)
Minor staff
Least seniority

Maybe she didn't


Maybe she was just
L e t g o

The girls with winged hair
And expensive sneakers
Are regular Sunday School Attenders
And have no room for Doubt

When she voices uncertainty
On historical basis of the biblical narrative
Or wonders about errors of translation in the text
They claim she was sent by the devil
To test people's faith

The Angel of Doubt
Wears garage sale clothes
Ten years out of fashion
And reads Jean Paul Sartre
She's pretty
At puberty

She will grow wings