Friday, October 01, 2004

Northrup Frye

These are some things that Northrup Frye had to say about Canada in an interview with Bill Moyers.

National Hero absent in Canada. (Nothing like a George Washington...)

“Every Canadian feels himself part of a federal unity, but he also feels himself very intensely a part of a more regional unity.”

“95% of what any president can do is already prescribed for him—unless he’s a lunatic.”

“We don’t have the tradition of bad men, the outlaws in the West.”

“The violence in Canadian history has been mostly repressive violence, mostly from the top down. That has made us, to some extent, a country that puts up with pragmatic compromises.”

• Karl in The Suspect “There’s life,” he said, “and there’s conscience, and there’s fate, and then there’s law, Mr. Allberg. I’ve struggled with three of them, and I’ve decided to avoid a struggle with the fourth.”

What categories can we draw around Canadian writers?

What Canadian Archetypes do we see?
• Hazen Lewis – silent Northwoods type