Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And more random ideas

Here's some more snips from class:

• Sweaters in the House and what they reveal

• The secrets of the laws of my parents. Who were they revealed to and when?
(my parents were the communist party)

• Think about being dressed by others
(people are always offering to iron my clothes for me)

• The loss of self

• Where did you get taught the idea of a happy ending?

• How do women come to hate other women?

• Transformations you have feared big or small
Did they make you more yourself?
Less yourself?
Horrifying to you but interesting to others?

• Unofficial Biographies on my job list

• Whose stories am I in ownership of?
(the sad people always come to me with their stories)

• Give something a name.

"Not just playtime at the Language Zoo"

• A "traveller's guide" to where you have felt unwelcome