Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Multi-Genre Writers

A lot of the people we've been reading write in multiple genres. Atwood and Ondaatje are the two I'm thinking of particularly. We talked a bit in class about how they stop the action in the narrative sometimes and get some poet's work done. How do they do that? When do they do that?

It's hard for me sometimes to separate the poety stuff from the narrative stuff. Many of the authors that I love to read like Michael Ondaatje and Salman Rushdie write with consistently beautiful language throughout the book. Sometimes I don't even notice that the action has slowed down. I'm lost in love of language. (Like the 'literation?)

Both Atwood and Ondaatje spent a great deal of time in flashback, and they also leaped from one character to another and stayed with them for a chunk of time.