Friday, August 19, 2005

Poetic Panic

I'm worried about getting enough poetry stuff put together for my mansucript. I also have no real concept of what form or structure the final project will take.

I have about 20 pages of solid poems about my family.

Then what?

3 poems based on terms from musical Italian
6 poems on how famous composers died
1 Hmong funeral poem
1 Abusive Japanese host father poem
1 Witness to an attack
1 Jesus poem
1 Attack on biblical literalism

These poems are all related to me, but not in any way that I think will make sense in a manuscript. They all deal with faith and language. The language of music, language of culture, language of religion. And in my faith is music, intercultural study, nonviolence and historical perspective.

It is clear to me that I can't make things hang together with what I have so far. There are big gaps and I'm not feeling clever enough to fill them right now. I think I'll just do my best to write some stuff while thinking about language, god, and other interrelated things.


Blogger Paul L said...

Kiara -- Didn't you post a poem about religious zealots who came to your home and scared your kids? I thought it was you, but I can't seem to find it. I really liked the post and would like to read it again. Am I hallucinating (again)?


10:55 PM  

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