Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Poem in 5 and 7 syllables


Single word apology

His hand an afterimage
Imprint turning red
Almost beautiful
Flowering against her cheek

Behind sliding paper doors
The sound of my host father
Beating his nine-year-old son
For doing homework
Not quite fast enough.

I am in my borrowed room
Door locked behind me
Head buried in shame
I should have spoken

Alone on the tatami
My young host sister
A hand to her face
Weeping silently

Urusai, she said
My father is loud
I apologize for him


Blogger ~jeanne said...

Beautiful poem! I'm Liz's partner and am getting my creative writing BA from Metro State. I just started last fall. I am sorry that you don't allow anonymous comments because I no longer use my blog. I have my own website at http://www.writeousness.com and have some of my writing up there, but I'm just learning...I just tried to write a sonnet and failed miserably.

11:19 PM  

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