Sunday, February 24, 2008

Writing again?

Day one of writing again.

Or something like that.

I did a bunch of research the other day and I gave the latest version of the novel to a friend last week so she could search for errors and the like.

But this morning was the first in a long while that I took pen to paper.

Since blog was originally organizational task for writing I thought I'd use it to track progress of writing again.

Wrote about midwinter Minnesota shark bite.

Oddly enough there have been a few of these this season. On January 25 at the Mall of America, one of the larger sharks tried to eat one of the smaller sharks and swam around with it for half an hour before it was rescued. Both sharks survived.

About a week later, my five-year old son poked a younger friend with a shark tooth I didn't know he had. Which garnered me the mother of the year award when said friend was wounded. Sigh. Both boys survived.