Tuesday, April 17, 2007

knit this

I have been working at Borealis Yarns for several months now. It is not a safe place for me to work. They have fantastic yarn and my co-workers are definitely project enablers. We are all good at talking one another into getting yet another project on the needles.

Currently I am working on several Christmas presents (from last Christmas):
• scarves for sisters in law,
• little animals for mother in law
• sweater for brother in law

• a 60th birthday sweater for my mom (who will be 61 in November)
• a lace shawl for me
• a prayer shawl for a friend being treated for bladder cancer
• two sweaters for Alec
• one sweater for Owen
• the second sock and second mitten for Sam... pairs are so overrated

Plus the many baby socks I'm knitting for Alec with Cascade Fixation.

I stuck him in a pair of Owen's socks back in January and left them on overnight. When he woke up there was a red mark from the elastic. This mark is still there. Now I am afraid to put him in anything but my handknit socks.

Got to go. More knitting to do.

P.S. I'll be teaching two classes at Borealis this summer. In June I'll be teaching baby sox. In July I'll show folks how to knit intarsia.

Should be fun.

Knit knit knit.