Friday, October 01, 2004

Poety Stuff - Postcards I Meant to Send

Postcards I Meant to Send

The one from Stockholm – noon at Midwinter
Was for my estranged childhood friend

One postmarked Hell’s Something, Grand Cayman
Was for Mandy
Who toured some other Hell with me in Japan

Handmade paper with flowers I picked
In the mountains outside of Tokyo
Sent to my grandmother 2 years before her death.
Now it’s in the box with the rest.

A yellow lab for my mom.
A gecko or golf course for the middle brother.
Nordic skiers in Finland for the youngest.

Nothing for my dad
(who probably doesn’t even know I’m gone)

For my son cars. Or dogs. Or trains. Or babies.
Or Peter Rabbit. Or Winnie the Pooh. Or Goodnight Moon.

For my love this amazing twisted tree No
    The dewy spiderwebs No
        rippled sand dunes against a dark sky No
            clasped hands of different shades No

All of them.

The whole spinning world
And me with my arms around it.