Friday, November 12, 2004

The final paper - a creative endeavor

I am thinking of what to do for the last paper for my Canadian Lit class.

What are some things the keep coming up again and again?

• The Loyalists who fled to Canada after the American Revolution.
(Atwood, Davies)
• The huge impact of World War I, which was not felt anywhere near the same scale here. (MacFarlane, Davies, L.M. Montgomerie)
• Deadly force of nature
(Atwood, Robinson, Wright)

I'm still attracted to research-based things:
• Ondaatje's historical fiction In the Skin of a Lion incorporating facts and characters from real life.
• Anne Simpson's burial at sea poem: "Descent."
• Atwood's Alias Grace.
• Autobiographical elements in Mistry and Davies
• Intertwined narratives in Mistry, Davies, Ondaatje

Do I let the research drive the creative work? Or do I begin creative work and then seek out the research that I need? Expectant waiting is definitely part of my creative process. And only occasionally am I struck in the forhead with a bolt of lightening telling me what to do next.

My autobiographical stuff has focused on the trip to Kenya lately.
Research could be on the current situation and historical situation.
I could write from several character's points of view.
I already have Magdalene and a bit of Camille.
I could cover the Doctor.
She wasn't there for the scariest times.
I could also do her friend, Mrs. Shah, who was.

Interlinked stories? We all seem to be taken with Mistry.