Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Poety Stuff - Coats

Pink Coat, Size 2T

Fake Fur
Cotton as Candy
Soaking up great slurps of grey slush
A mother weeps over the laundry.

Green Coat, Size 6

That year the snowdrifts peaked at the tops of the lamp posts
And I went sliding with no sled down the mountains in our yard
In my new coat of Austrian wool with embroidered edelweiss and pewter buttons
She told me she would never buy me another coat again
And why couldn't she have a stupid daughter with one grain of common sense

Vintage Coat, Size Unknown

Someone else wore this coat
In another life
And years ago the lining
Separated itself
And the insulation
Settled in the hem
Like silt
When I opened it up
Slit the lining to replace it
Clouds of orange dust
Powdered the room

Purple Coat, Size 3x

I bought it before you were born
in the spring
when you were the size of a soybean

It was a great tent
that covered even
the November of my belly

And afterwards I kept wearing it
wrapped around us both

your little head
peeking out
above the buttons