Monday, August 22, 2005

Sun Under Wood - Robert Haas

Reminds me a lot of a Japanese "I-novel" in which the poems are all personal and introspective and don't really have a central theme or anything that runs through all of them but the poet himself.

Happiness - a pleasant scene of togetherness on a December morning

Our Lady of Snows - Sadness and bargaining of a boy whose mother is alcoholic

Dragonflies Mating
1 - people who lived here before us
2 - Channel Island Indian story in a bar
3 - Fransiscan priests introducing new deadly illnesses to the New World
4 - Brief meaning of "mother" when used in poems
5 - Fear is a teacher now
6 - watching dragonflies who mate and then are done-- they don't dwell on childhood things

My Mother's Nipples - a poem seemingly written on a dare (Les nipples de ma mere)

Gardens of Warsaw - based on an old travel guide of Eastern Europe, very visually evocative

Layover - Stuck in anchorage, waiting for the invasion of Kuwait

Notes on "Layover" - what the poet could have said instead of what he did in "Layover"

The Woods in New Jersey - Brilliant colored birds in the grey of the woods

Iowa City: Early April - A whole menagerie of animals around the house in Iowa

A Note on "Iowa City: Early April" - The poet speaks to a raccoon, who remains silent

Sonnet - A man talking to his ex-wife on the phone

Faint Music - storytelling and the usual sequence: ego, pain and then singing

Forty Something - Threats of a lover not to leave, or else

Shame: An Aria - Elaborate story of nose picking in an elevator

Regalia for a Black Hat Dancer - Smoothness, emptiness, a really long poem that apparently has something to do with a shrine in Korea

Jarun Sacha - A singing like a golden bell ringing; title taken from an biological study station in the Ecuadorian rain forest.

Frida Kahlo: In the Saliva - "transcribed and translated from a manuscript in her hand"

English: An Ode - Political and economic problems through word definitions

The Seventh Night - Nonsensical conversation taking nature and turning it into a stage being struck

Interrupted Meditation - Mourning for self and the end of a love affair. Also someone else's remememberance of dropping food for Jews in hiding