Sunday, July 23, 2006

the long slow march to publication

I have begun the process of looking for a literary agent. It sounds terribly pretentious to me, but there it is.

After taking a class at the Loft Literary Center I decided that I need to get an agent for two reasons:

1. I am terrible at marketing myself so there is no way I could successfully self-publish (a successful first run would be around 10,000 books)

2. There are many publishers who will not look at unagented manuscripts.

It seems to be a no-risk venture as the reputable agents don't charge money upfront, but take it from a commission upon the sale of the project.

The plan at this time: pitch the book to a bunch of literary agents and hopefully find one. With luck, it won't take more then a year to find an agent. With even more luck they will be able to find a publisher for me.

We'll see.

At the moment I have querries out to about 20 agents. I have been turned down flat by 5 agencies with form letter rejections, I've received one request for sample pages of the manuscript and I'm waiting for responses from the rest.

Keep you posted.