Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Lightening Bolt to the Head

Clearly lack of sleep does something for me. Maybe it's like the spirit journeys taken by some Native American traditions where sleep deprivation is involved. When voluntary, maybe this dizzy delerium gives you access to the spirit world.

Becuase I got few hours of sleep last night (I can clock them if I look at the times between this post and the last one) and I had to get up and write.

I think I have an idea not only for my final paper but for Thesis as well. And happily, Advanced fiction is being taught on Saturday this spring, so my academic career is not in ruin and I should be set to take Thesis I next fall.

Here's my thought:
Novel/collected story about Kenya that juggles voices of Sara, her aunt, Magdalene, and someone in the past during the uprising. Maybe someone Sara's age at the time. Intermingle emails from Sara to home. Include news clippings of things happening while she is there and news from the uprising. Possibly include illness of her mother as one of the reasons her parents sent her to Kenya for the summer.