Friday, December 29, 2006


Gluttony and all the other good ones...

I am behind on my life. Living in the moment is all well and good as long as the moments include doing some dishes, washing a few clothes and opening the mail.

Otherwise living in the moment means being slowly crushed by the future as piles of dishes, laundry and envelopes crush you in a glacial avalanche of stress and filth.

Knitting has taken up entirely too much of my life since I decided in November that I needed to knit everyone's Christmas presents. I need a better knit-life balance. The fact that I started working at Borealis Yarns probably is not a good sign for this kind of moderation. Moderation is not typically a word associated with me.

This marks the beginning of my attempt to return to my originally scheduled life.

I'm not doing the resolution thing, it just happens to coincide time-wise with the new year. Resolutions work about as well as diets. I'm not looking to yo-yo into any of these goals.

• Complete sprint-distance triathlon this summer (Lifetime Fitness and/or Green Lake).
• Finish revisions on Shooting the Thorn Tree and send to next round of agents.
• Avoid storing meaningless shosh-- fit my life in my small house.
• Write daily. Even if only here.


Blogger Claire said...

Your kids are beautiful! I found Sam's blog by googling his name on a random impulse. His blog led me here. I knew you guys back in High School (I was a clarinet player, and stage crew geek who loved to watch the fencing). I now have two kids of my own, and I teach French in Edina. My husband (16 years) and I live in Apple Valley. Hope life is good for you all.

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